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About Us

Oil America Logo

OIL AMERICA, INC. is a Panamanian corporation that develops in the oil business and provides services to the marine world. Since 2005, we represent the PDV brand, distributing the marine and automotive lubricants and greases manufactured by the Venezuelan State oil company PDVSA. Our corporation diversified since 2012, entering the bunker supply to ships crossing the Panama Canal. We dispatch from modern terminals located in the Panama Export Free Zone and supply via a dedicated barge service provided through long-term agreements with the prestigious International firm VT Shipping, awarded with the Panama Maritime Green Shipping Award, for its outstanding performance. We render products and services with a commitment to total quality, competitive prices and reliable deliveries. Our mission is to contribute to make Panama is the main point for marine fuel sales in the Western Hemisphere and position and market the PDV brand PDVSA fuels in today’s place to be the now expanded Panama Canal. We want to be recognized for aligning our daily practice with our ethical values, for conducting ethical businesses and being environmentally friendly. Jointly with our subsidiaries Aquarium Shipping Agency and Safety Medical Supplies Corp. we provide quality services to the maritime world.

Our Vision

OIL AMERICA’s Vision is to become the leading group in the maritime fuel and lubricant business in Panama, recognized for:

  • Its ethical values
  • Providing total quality services and products to its customers
  • Obtaining a sustained profitability for our shareholders and ample human and professional development opportunities to our employees
  • Providing a positive contribution to society
  • A commitment to act with social responsibility and preserve the environment.

Our Mission

OIL AMERICA’s Mission is turning Panama into a main point for the sale of fuel and marine lubricants in the western hemisphere, providing:

  • To our customers total quality and eco-friendly services and products
  • To our shareholders and suppliers a growing and sustained profitability
  • To our employees and associates the opportunity to develop their skills and human qualities in accordance with a company that aims to total quality

Inviting All to Win-Win

What we do

lubricantas for the automotive industry

We are distributors of PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela, SA) manufacturer of petroleum products under its brand, as well as packaging products under famous American brands.

Being an oil company, PDVSA has excellent quality raw material which gives strength to the development of leading-edge products in the industry of petroleum.

In the Republic of Panama made ​​us own brand "PETROAMERICA" for products and sizes that are not available under the PDV brand. Among our customers are the ACP (Association of the Panama Canal for its initials in Spanish).

We have the resolution of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry granting us commercial rights and intellectual property of the brand "PETROAMERICA".

Currently we are commercializing the following petroleum products of the PDV brand:

  • Industrial lubricating oils, automotive and marine
  • Greases: for use in automotive, industrial and marine sector
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