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VT Group (Verenigde Tankrederij)

Launching their barge service in Panama, 2009

The VT Group (Verenigde Tankrederij) is a reliable, self-sustaining maritime company with a healthy dose of pragmatism. We offer our clients innovative logistic products and safe, efficient, service oriented operations with attention for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. VT was founded in 1916 with the head office in Rotterdam, and at the moment we offer our specialized services in Europe and Central America (Panama).

The second video of VT is about the transfer of the two barges from Holland to Panama. The barges are Vaals and Venray.

The third video of VT is about the interiors of the barges, with high quality, so that the crew feel good and well motivated to provide good safe and organized labor for VT, their employer.

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VT Shipping:
General Info
VT Panama - click to watch video
VT Shipping:
2009 Launching in Panama
VT Shipping Accomodations - click to watch video
VT Shipping:
High Standard Accomodations