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NOV-08, 2013
Press Release
Visit of Oil America to ACP Thermoelectric Powerplant Miraflores, Panama

Oil America, Inc.

On September 6th, a delegation from Oil America visited the new thermoelectric power plant of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), that is located at Miraflores and ready to begin operations.

The delegation formed of the President of Oil America, Dr. Ricardo Avila and Ing. Jürgen Fink, was received by the plant manager Mr. Irwin Bermudez, who provided extensive information about the facilities.

Oil America visits the new Thermoelectric Powerplant of ACP
Thermoelectric Plant of ACP:
Visit SEP 2013

In 2011, the ACP signed a $ 110 million contract with Hyundai Heavy Industries Miraflores Power Plant Inc., for the construction of the expansion of the Miraflores Power Plant, which has been finished recently.

The plant has two-stroke Turbo Man TCS, with a generating capacity of 38.5 MW each and recovery systems that add 1.5 MW of power generation at each turbine.

With this thermoelectric plant ACP aims to improve the reliability of electric service in the waterway and help reduce fuel consumption and emissions to the environment.

The thermoelectric project was performed by means of a turnkey construction and commissioning of the facilities and included, besides the design, equipment supply, construction, and inspection of works, commissioning of the units, the tests after commissioning and staff training.