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AUG-01, 2015
Press Release
Oil America - New format for Charts

New Format for Charts

Lighter, more interactive, 12 months of data

Oil America, Inc., Jürgen Fink

Oil America is implementing today, August 1, 2015, a new format for its diagrams for bunker (IFO 380) and Crudes (WTI / BRENT / OPEC).

By default, bunker prices (IFO 380) are enabled for Panama and Houston. Prices of Singapore, Rotterdam and Valparaiso (Chile) can be activated / deactivated by click.

Oil America - New format for diagrmas of IFO-380

Crude oils WTI (Gulf) / BRENT (North Sea) / OPEC (basket price)

Oil America - New format for diagrmas of Crude Oils WTI / BRENT / OPEC
  • Lighter (technology of vectors, SVG)
  • More data (now 12 months instead of only 3 months)
  • More interactive (window with comparison of prices of the day)
  • Date Range selector at bottom to define time-range of diagram

Oil America updates the prices every morning with the final status of previous day's closing. This service is an added value for our customers and has the character of an additional guidance on the current market of Panama compared to places of interest in this sector.